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File sharing is an essential feature that we expect to find on all mobile devices. With the evolution of technology, we are now not only working on PC and Calling on Mobile Phones, but we are now using hybrid technology where we can do most of the operations onandBoth.

So, There should be an Improvement to the File Sharing System, because we need all files on all our devices seamlessly and we don’t want to do it manually. One way to sync all your files everywhere and access them anywhere is to uselike Google Drive,, DropBox, Box, Mega etc. So, you upload the files once and they will be available to you on any platforms you like. For e.g, Windows, Mac,etc.

But when it comes to Apple, file sharing options are fairly restricted within its own ecosystem.  But there are, in fact, convenient ways to share files amongand other smartphone platforms (like,Phone, etc.)

There are different ways available to share files between Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS which can be explained as follows:

1. Transferring files between two iOS Devices (iOS<>iOS)

File sharing is quite easy within the Apple ecosystem. You get native support for sharing files between iPhones, iPads, iPods (Touch) or even Macs. There are primarily two ways to transfer files between iOS devices, even without the Internet.

  • 1.1 Share files via AirDrop

AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary ad-hoc service available on iOS devices since iOS 7 (iPhone 5 onwards). It internally uses WiFi (WiFi Direct) together with Bluetooth, to connect and share files between supported iOS devices and Macs.

You can follow the official AirDrop support page for details onusing AirDrop. A file manager app (like Documents) comes handy for sharing a variety of file types with other iOS devices over AirDrop.

  • 1.2 Share files via Bluetooth

AirDrop requires WiFi Direct supported hardware, which is not available on older iOS devices (such as iPhone 4S). So, for sharing content with such devices, Bluetooth is a convenient option. There are some Bluetooth based file sharing apps available on the App Store. Some of the Bluetooth file sharing apps available on the App Store include FileManager, File Hub, etc.

2. Sharing files Between Android, iOS, Mac and Windows!!

2.1 Sharing files over the Internet

you can use any cross-platform online service that allows you to share content with other people. WhatsApp is one such popular service that allows you to share photos, music or videos with your contacts. But, if you want to share other types of files, SendAnywhere is a decent service for this purpose.

is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and as aextension. It also has a web version for unsupported platforms like Blackberry. To send and receive files using SendAnywhere, you need to install and open the app or website on both the devices.

2.2 Sharing files over wifi (without the internet)

Sharing files over the Internet might not be feasible in all situations, especially when a considerable amount of data is being transferred. Such transfers are often time-consuming and involve significant use of Internet bandwidth.

In such cases, a WiFi network can be used to share files between connected devicesThe WiFi network may either be hosted by an external wireless access point (WiFi router), or by one of the file sharing devices, via WiFi Direct technology.

2.3 Share files over WiFi without a WiFi network

If there is no WiFi hotspot available in the vicinity, you can take the advantage of WiFi Direct to host a WiFi network on one of the file sharing devices. The other device can then join this hosted network, and file transfer can occur in the same way as mentioned in the previous section, using the SHAREit app.

For hosting a WiFi hotspot, the platform must have support for WiFi Direct. Android supports WiFi Direct from version 4.0 (ICS) onwards, while all Windows Phone devices running Windows Phone 8.1 or higher supports WiFi Direct technology. On iOS, AirDrop uses WiFi Direct internally for sharing files among AirDrop enabled devices.

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