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Many of us store important information, private things on our Smartphones and the most important things that we lacked in our phone is security. It is the essential need for every phone user. Everybody has its secrets and privacy chats.

When it comes to the hiding apps and private messages then iPhone comes out from the race when we compare it with the Android phones, and it’s very hard to find the way to lock the Apps on iPhone especially the Facebook and Whatsapp one.

People don’t want to share their accounts with anyone and from here the role of application start, There are number of apps available in the App store which can help you to protect your application and If we talk about the particular app “WhatsApp” which did not provide any option to set a passcode. So, in today’s post, I’m going to showcase the apps which will help you to lock the WhatsApp in iPhone without any jailbreak.

Code for WhatsApp- Passcode & Password is the app which has the capability to easily and securely create an add code lock to the WhatsApp Account. After adding passcode or code your conversation will be accessed by the security lock and just remember If you can’t remember your WhatsApp password or code then there is no way to access your secured and locked WhatsApp messages.

This app automatically creates an email for you where you can send your private Whatsapp messages and allow you hide them behind a password and you can also use the Touch ID Fingerprint to create a strong password. This application is specially designed for both iPhone and iPad. It requires the iOS 6.0 or later version and has the capability to work properly in every format.

This app will let you to Protect your WhatsApp from other people by just adding a passcode to your WhatsApp messages with a strong password, code or fingerprint. It is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it is developed by the Ancor Software, LLC.

This app is quite same as the code for Whatsapp and works same like it. This app allows From this, you can save your WhatsApp to anyone, Save Your privacy and hide all details and chats. This app is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and it requires the iOS 6.0 or later.

This app will help you to create a Password protect for all your WhatsApp-messages, simple Protect your WhatsApp messages with your own fingerprint or password. The app is developed by the Anatoli Rastorgouev in English language. So if you are thinking to hide WhatsApp messages then this app will definitely help you.

Password for WhatsApp Messages


This app allows you to easily save copies of all messages and also import your chat history via emails. The amazing feature of this app is that it assign custom colors to your chat histories to make it look good and you can remember with the help of colors. This app not only protects Whatsapp messages but also protect the photos, videos and audio files from the other people.

Whatsapp Lock using iAppLock

The iAppLock is the latest and most popular method which will help you to lock Whatsapp on your iPhone for free. With the help of iAppLock, you can easily lock your videos, contacts Whatsapp and any other app of your iPhone. For this, you need to set the Passcode and then add any app which you are looking to lock in your phone so that no external user can access your phone apps. For implementing this method you need to jailbreak your iPhone and if you have a jailbroken phone then follow the steps below

Step-1: Firstly you have to open Cydia app for using iAppLock

Step-2: In the Cydia app search for iAppLock where you can easily lock Whatsapp on your phone by using a Passcode. This app is totally free and you can easily install in your phone using Cydia.

Step-3: Now launch the iAppLock app on your phone and then open protect tab there you will see no app is present. To add the WhatsApp or any other app on the list you need to tap on the plus region.

Step-4: After adding Whatsapp on the list you can now set the password to secure it from the other person.

Step-5: If you want to change the password then tap on the settings option and select the change lock passcode option.

Step-6: Now you can change the password and set the new password to lock WhatsApp on your iPhone.

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