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Tablets are becoming smaller, lighter-weight and more fun than ever. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to make a call from an iPad? But is it really possible?

Can I use my iPad to make phone calls for Free?

Yes off course. Today’s post is about making phone calls from your iPad for free. But why limit to only iPad, In fact, you can easily make Phone Calls from any of your Apple Tablet versions – iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad 3, iPad Air 2 etc. The tricks and methods we are going to tell you will enable any iPad Device with phone capability and phone functions like cellular.

Do I need a Sim Card to make Calls from my iPad Device or it will work without a Cellular Network?

There are actually three approaches to making Calls from your favorite iPad Device, I will explain all of them below.

  • Approach 1: Making Phone Calls from iPad using Sim Card
  • Approach 2: Make Phone Calls from iPad without a Sim Card i.e via Wifi
  • Approach 3: Making Phone Calls from iPad Using Wifi + VOIP Subscription

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Get a phone number from Google Voice you can either port your current number to Google Voice for a one-time $20 fee or get a new number. If you port your cell phone number, it will terminate your existing contract and you could be subject to an early termination fee.


Download theapp. The main Google Voice update hasn’t seen frequent updates in recent years, but most of its functionality and some new features have been added into the Google Hangouts app for iPad and iPhone. On Android, the functionality is enabled by downloading the Hangouts dialer app and then Google Voice will be available through the separate Hangouts app.


At this point in the process, you can set up your Google Voice preferences, such as forwarding numbers if you also want multiple phone numbers to ring, set email alerts, and record a personalized voicemail message. Most of these settings can only be accessed on a computer, and not through the app.If you’re an iPhone or iPad user getting rid of your old cell service, it may also help to go into the iMessage settings and make sure iMessage is only receiving at your email address, and not your old phone number.


Start making free calls and texts on your new iPad phone.

Make Phone Calls from iPad without a Sim Card i.e via WiFi.

Now, with iOS 8 you can actually make and receive phone calls on your iPad if you often forget your iPhone in another room and not able to answer the call on time then you can answer it through your iPad. If your iPhone and iPad both are running on iOS 8 using same wifi network then making calls through your iPad is simple and convenient.

To make a call on your iPad, tap on the phone number in your contact list or any number displayed in the safari.

To set your iPad to make and receive calls, go to settings > face time and toggle iPhone cellular calls to the “on” position. You can also do this with the help of face time calls.

Now choose the phone numbers andwill share the cellular connection between your iPhone and iPad sharing same wifi connection.

Making Phone Calls from iPad Using WiFi + VOIP Subscription

To make phone calls from iPad using wifi + VOIP subscription then you should download Talkatone from, this app allows you to make phone calls on iPad using wifi or data connection without using cell minutes. With this you can call/text even in bad cell coverage, you can easily call/ text while traveling without paying for expensive international minutes.

Alternatively Approach:

How to Use iPad as Phone without Google Voice?

iPad, iPhone, and Macs come preinstalled with iMessage and FaceTime, which can be used to communicate over the internet without a phone plan, but only to other Apple devices.

FaceTime can be used to make voice calls by pressing the telephone icon instead of the camera icon. iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite added the ability to make and receive calls and SMS texts on an iPad or Mac, but an iPhone is still required.

For calls, the iPhone must be on the same wifi network. Texts will work as long as the iPhone and other Apple device are both connected to the internet.

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