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Now sending a Free Message to is a very easy task, If you’re using iPhone, iPad or any other device of apple then you can send easily Free messages to anyone with your iPhone.

This sound strange but Yes, it is possible to send a free message with. The thing that should be considered is that you can only send the message to another user but only on iPhone and other people who are receiving your text should have iPhone. This works perfectly iPhone to iPhone only.

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In this post, we are going to reveal the procedure of sending a text message with iPhone. So be ready to know the hack of iPhone and send a free message to anyone.

Without taking much your time Let’s disclose the procedure of sending a Free message with iPhone. For your proper information, the thing you need on your iPhone is Internet.

Yes, Indeed Internet which will help you to send a message and also one can even personalize the messages with, photos, and some cool text for free.

Not only you can send texts, photos, videos, andfor free but also send or share the location in a message. It is the common feature of iPhone and really a wonderful one.

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Use the service called as “iMessage” which is the new messaging service that is built directly into iOS from versions 5 onward. You can easily use this service on your,,,,and. At last, it works perfectly with the all iOs versions 5 and onward.

How to setup iMessage on your iPhone, Cellular iPad

If you have not setup the iMessage service on your iPhone then you can easily setup in just a few steps. The setup works flawlessly with all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices.

Let’s look out the steps to setup the iMessage with screenshots.

Step:1 Start Your iPhone and open the Home screen.

Step:2 Go to Settings of your iPhone. Look out the screenshot.

Step:3 Now, the next step is to scroll down and click on the “Messages

Step:4 After clicking on Messages you would see the options like iMessage, Send read receipts, Send as SMS, etc.

Step:5 Now just slightly enable the iMessage section by dragging the button to the right. Look out the screenshot below.

Step:6 It will enable your iMessage now send the message to anyone for free.

So with this feature. You can send standard SMS/MMS (text/multimedia messages) to anyone, on any phone, and you can send data-based text,, video, and audio messages to anyone on any Apple device. There would be no charge fee it’s all free, the all you need isor.


In iMessage, you can also mute conversation of the annoying person. To do so just go to the conversation that you want to mute. Then tap details and turn on. When Do Not Disturb is on, do not disturb will appear next to the conversation.

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If you feel any problem while installing the iMessage then let us know in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this wonderful post with your friends and family and let them know the procedure to send the message free on iPhone.

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