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Are you the one who has unwantedor you are facing a space problem, In both cases, it requires to uninstall or delete the iPhone data, apps, videos, and pictures.

Deleting apps from iPhone is really easy and you can do it without scratching your head multiple times. It just needs few seconds to delete and completely Uninstall the apps from iPhone. So, today’s post is based on uninstalling apps from iPhone.

So without taking much your time, let’s move forward and see the process. There is two process to delete the apps from iPhone, the first one is quite simple and the another one is to delete the apps from iCloud. First, I will cover the simple method.

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You can delete apps in just 3 steps, and these steps are really easy and simple. Here are the 3 steps:-

Step 1:  Gently tap and hold any icon for about 2 seconds, and wait until it shakes as shown in the screenshot.

Step:2 Now, next step is to press the little “x”  in the upper-left corner of the app which you want to delete.

Step:3 In, My case I have chosen the Whatsapp to delete, Now simply press the delete button.

Note: – The app will remove from the iPhone but not from the iCloud.

How to Remove Apps from iCloud

Now the question is this, how to remove apps fromcompletely. Is Deleting unwanted apps from iCloud is really easy? Yes, indeed..!!

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You can delete apps from iCloud in just a seconds, Let me tell you the proper procedure step by step with screenshots.

Step:1 From the Home screen, select “Settings“.

Step:2 Select “General“. Look in the screenshot below.

Step:3 Tap “Storage & iCloud Usage” or “Usage” depending on your version of iOS.

Step:4 Under the “Storage” section, select “Manage Storage“.

Step:5 The list of apps installed on your iPhone will appear. Select the one you wish to remove.

Step:6 Tap “Delete app, It would ask you to confirm, Just press Delete again.

Step:7  Hurray, Your app has been deleted from your iPhone.

This procedure will remove the apps from the iCloud, you don’t need to delete it again. It will remove the apps permanently from your iCloud. It’s the easy method to remove the apps from the iPhone.

Conclusion: – These tips will work on all iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and all iOS version.

So why don’t you try these tricks and tips to delete the apps on iPhone? If you have any other way to delete the apps from iPhone then must share your tips and tricks in the comment section.

We love to hear from our lovely readers..!!

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